“Give someone a fish and they eat for a day.
Teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime.”
– Chinese Proverb

Catalysis Group’s consulting practice supports clients with an immediate need for experienced professionals.  Our education offerings develop and refine practical project management and problem solving skills for our clients’ staff.

We design our training programs to be interesting, interactive and practical.  Our course designers and instructors bring experience to our seminars that keep topics grounded in the practical application of new skills to real world problems.

Our seminars and workshops are offered in three ways:

  • Open enrollment public seminars – Check the description of each seminar for dates and locations of public offerings
  • Classes conducted exclusively for specific clients – Contact Catalysis Group to arrange one of the listed seminars for your group or to discuss customization of one of our programs to better fit your needs
  • Seminars affiliated with conferences – See the “Public Speaking” section for scheduled conference presentations and tutorials.

Project Management Training

Catalysis Group, Inc. has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and offers Professional Development Units (PDUs) for its project management education offerings.


The PMI Registered Education Provider Logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Fundamentals of Successful Project Management

This intensive 3-day workshop for project managers and senior team members describes processes and activities to support project definition, planning, execution, management, and project closure. It is our flagship project management class and has been taught to thousands of project managers throughout North America. (24 PDUs)

Integrating Risk into Project Planning

This one-day seminar for project managers and sponsors focuses on mastering and applying practical techniques to identify, prioritize project risks factors and integrate risk mitigations into project plans. (7 PDUs)

Introduction to Projects for Team Members

This one-day course introduces participants to the basics of project management and provides the context needed to effectively participate as part of a project team. (7 PDUs)

Project Assessment

This one-day workshop is intended for project managers, auditors, or consultants who must quickly and efficiently assess the status of a project that is underway. (7 PDUs)

Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management is a one-day workshop that provides participants with tools to develop a quality plan, orient their teams, and manage project quality in a manner appropriate to the effort. Intended for project managers and senior team members, the workshop combines presentation, discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to communicate and reinforce key concepts while providing basic tools and models that can be immediately applied in a professional setting.

Project Sponsorship

A one-day seminar for executives and senior managers that provides participants with an informational context to support and direct projects within their organizations as well as tools and questions to assist them in assessing the credibility and quality of project definition, planning and status information they are receiving from their project managers. (7 PDUs)

Problem Solving Training

Critical thinking, systems thinking, and focused approaches to problem solving are skills that can be taught, learned, practiced and mastered. Our problem solving seminars are synthesized from a variety of current theoretical approaches to the subject and tempered with experience of our consulting staff.

Problem Solving Skills Workshop

This is an intensive 2-day learning experience that provides participants with useful tools and tactics for working with real world problems. (16 PDUs)

Better Problem Solving & Decision-Making

This 1-day workshop provides participants with useful tools and tactics and experience to support their problem solving and decision-making in the real world. (7 PDUs)