How to Avoid Project Failures

Many of the problems faced by projects can be avoided, or at least contained, by effective project management practices. Using a “Top Ten” list as a framework, this article highlights 10 of the most frequent reasons for project failure, and examines some alternatives and remedies for each.


Escaping the Clutches of Zombie Projects

Why is senior management so often suprised by large scale project disasters? What can be done to change cultural attitudes to encourage timely and accurate status reporting? This article, originally appearing in STQE Magazine in September of 2001, tries to address these questions and provide communication tools to avoid Zombie Projects – Project that have died but refuse to lay down.


CIO Agenda – Improve Sponsorship

Despite promises of the past, C-level executives (CEO, CIO, CFO) are still waiting for better project information to support their decision-making. This sponsorship prescription for CIOs originally appeared in a Cutter IT Journal issue focused on “The New CIO Agenda” (August of 2003). It describes a basic approach to assessing and improving project sponsorship that requires no enterprise tools or consultants.


A Losing Gamble with Public Funds

Explores organizational and structural issues with large public sector IT projects. Why are they so likely to fail & so difficult to cancel? This article appeared in the Cutter IT Journal in 2003.