Introduction to Projects for Team Members

A One-Day Classroom Seminar to Introduce Team Members to Project Management Concepts


Introduction to Projects for Team Members is a one-day seminar that provides participants with the skills needed to effectively participate as part of a project team. Intended as an introduction to project management concepts for team members and support staff, the course combines discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to introduce and reinforce key concepts while providing information that can be immediately applied on the job.


The course focuses on practical results and real world explanations. The course goal is to introduce effective project team member skills. At the conclusion of the class, participants will:

  • Have been introduced to the Project Management concepts and language used to define, plan and manage projects
  • Be able to identify tasks as the elementary units of project work
  • Understand the importance of timely and accurate status reporting
  • Understand the concept of task dependencies and the implications of schedule slippage
  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of time management for individuals and how this relates to project performance and reporting


Instruction is organized around five groups of project management processes:

  1. Initiating – Emphasizes the importance of clearly defined objectives and a charter that captures the project’s schedule, scope and resource targets and constraints.
  2. Planning – Presents processes to support the creation and refinement of credible plans to accomplish project objectives.
  3. Executing – Doing project work.
  4. Controlling – Using the work products from planning to facilitate tracking progress, coordinating project activities, and communicating project status.
  5. Closing – Efficiently closing a project administratively while assuring that the sponsoring organization benefits from lessons learned.

PMI-PDU Information

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has discontinued its Registered Education Provider program. People successfully completing this course may still claim 7 contact hours of project management related education.




    This training is offered to classes of 12 to 20 persons (depending upon available training facility capacity) at a per student price of $400. This includes the cost of the training facility, refreshments and all student materials. Discounts are available to organizations that provide their own training facilities or enroll multiple participants.