Problem Solving Skills Workshop

Useful tools for better problem analysis, definition, alternative generation and evaluation


Problem Solving Skills Workshop is an intense two-day learning experience that provides participants with useful tools and tactics for working with real world problems. Intended for professionals, managers and executives whose duties include creative problem solving, analysis and design in a variety of disciplines, this workshop is a catalyst for better idea generation, while providing analytical tools for problem definition and evaluation. The workshop is highly interactive, combining demonstrations and brief discussions of key learning points with individual and group “hands on” problem solving exercises to reinforce learning and build confidence.


At the completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • More clearly define problems
  • Generate a wider variety of quality alternatives
  • Better evaluate alternatives
  • More effectively facilitate team problem solving
  • Face problems with increased confidence and an array of useful tools and tactics


Participants in this workshop will be exposed to a variety of skills and tactics to aid them in being better problem solvers. The course is organized around the following outline:

  1. What is a “Problem” and what does it mean to “Solve” one? – Participants are shown new perspectives on problem solving and explore ways to augment natural creative ability
  2. Tools and tactics for problem definition – Whether defining a “problem” or an “opportunity”, problem solvers must understand fundamental parameters and assumptions about the situation. This section of the course explores ways to quickly gather and document relevant information about the problem.
  3. Tools and tactics for alternative generation – Introduces participants to techniques for generating a wider range of solutions. These tools improve both the quality and quantity of alternatives available to the problem solver.
  4. Evaluating solutions – Explores tactics for evaluating alternatives, considering elements of risk as well as the “fit” of various solutions. The evaluation model provides ways of guiding the team to solutions that are “good enough” when time or resources are constrained.
  5. Team problem solving – Examines the dynamics of group problem solving and introduces participants to facilitation skills needed to lead others in successful application of the tools and tactics presented in the course.

PMI-PDU Information

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has discontinued its Registered Education Provider program. People successfully completing this course may still claim 7 contact hours of project management related education.




    This training is offered to classes of 16 to 24 persons (depending upon training facility capacity) at a per participant price of $700. This includes the cost of the training facility, refreshments, and all student materials. Discounts are available to organizations that provide their own training facilities or enroll multiple participants. Additional charges for travel and accommodations will be added to classes taught outside of the greater Sacramento area.