When you share information about yourself and your company with us, we believe you trust we will not use that data in any way other than you intended. We respect that trust and will honor it.

Information collected from this site is not stored on our web server, it is forwarded via e-mail to generate a response to your inquiry.

Catalysis Group does not and will not share any data you provide us via this web site with any other organizations without your explicit permission – ever. The only exception to this policy would be in response to a valid court order.

We will respond to your e-mail requests for information and provide you with information about our products and services at your request but we will not routinely “spam” as a consequence of your request. (We hate it when it happens to us.)

Our relationship with our clients and potential clients is very important to us. If ever you receive unwelcome communication from our company or if you have any questions about data you have provided, please contact me directly vial e-mail at payson@catalysisgroup.com or by calling (916) 929-3629. I will handle your inquiry personally and promptly.

Payson Hall
Vice President, Operations
Catalysis Group, Inc.