Management & Organizational Development

Are your business goals well defined?

Does your organizational structure support attaining those goals?

It’s difficult to achieve your organization’s strategic and tactical goals unless those goals are current, clearly defined and shared across the organization.  Mission statements and strategic plans of the past might have been able to remain static and still provide sufficient direction for the organization.  However, today’s rapidly changing business environment presents new challenges and opportunities that call for timely re-assessment, crisper definition, and clearer communication of the vision and plans intended to guide an organization towards successfully achieving its goals.  These challenges and opportunities impact vision and mission statements, strategic plans, and operating plans as well as the priority and content of the organization’s project portfolio.  Catalysis Group consultants can assist you in the assessment, definition, facilitation, and communication activities essential to establishing and disseminating these critical plans and in developing the strategic management practices to put those plans into action.

As organizations evolve to respond to a dynamic business environment, they frequently outgrow previous organizational structures and business practices.  New products, services, competitors, technology, regulations and work force require that organizations re-evaluate and refine their existing structure and practices in the context of their current markets and mission.  Being responsive to the changing environment may require:

  • Reconfiguring the organization’s functional teams or units
  • Creating or revising job classifications and descriptions
  • Enhancing business and technical processes and practices
  • Establishing internal and external service level objectives and agreements

You are experts at your business, we are experts at analysis, problem solving, defining requirements and structuring organizational resources to identify, target, and work towards achieving strategic and tactical goals.  Let Catalysis Group help you take stock of your current organization, identify practical refinements, and assist your organization to be more effective in articulating and meeting its desired goals.

Catalysis Group consultants have experience with a wide range of industries and disciplines.  We don’t have all the answers, but we have staff who can help you more clearly define the questions.  We have access to outstanding analysts and an array of information sources to help you generate alternatives.