Project Management

Satisfied with your organization’s results defining, planning, and managing projects?

Do the projects performed by your organization consistently finish on time, within budget, and deliver all that was expected?

Are your customers always pleased with the quality of the work products they receive? Are the work products that your projects will produce clearly defined and understood by the product consumers and your project team? Do the project managers and team members in your organization possess and apply consistent project management skills and processes?

Modern organizations are challenged to provide products and services in a more timely, efficient manner while at the same time assuring quality and customer satisfaction. Effective and practical project management practices are essential to addressing these challenges.

Catalysis Group consultants have project management experience with a wide range of industries and disciplines. The experienced trainers and consultants of Catalysis Group are dedicated to assisting clients through the development of project management skills and the implementation and refinement of project management practices. We also provide services to independently assess project status and verify that credible and timely information is being provided to project sponsors. Project management services offered include:

  • Project Planning Assistance
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Project Management Training
  • Project Quality Assurance Reviews & Project Oversight