Public Speaking

Catalysis Group consultants are popular authors and speakers on topics of project management, risk management, problem solving, and systems engineering.  We offer public speakers on a fee basis to both conferences and individual client organizations.  Our engaging presentations combine practical insights on contemporary topics with high energy delivery and audience participation.

Recent topics have included:

  • Risk Management
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Preparing projects for budget cuts
  • How to spot troubled projects
  • Secrets of Estimation
  • Heuristics for better problem solving

Presentations can be customized for specific areas of interest and references are available for specific speakers and topics.

Better Problem Solving & Decision-Making: Five Things You Need To Know

March 10, 2016

Problem Solving and Decision-Making are critical skills for project managers, policemen, fighter pilots – any human engaged in activities large or small. The good news is that problem solving and decision-making skills can be taught. The unfortunate news is that few people have received any training on the subject. During this hour long presentation, consultant Payson Hall will reveal his passion for problem solving and promises to show attendees five things they probably didn’t know about problem solving and decision-making that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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Project Blame Management

A proposed 10th area for the PMBOK Guide, Payson Hall of Catalysis Group discusses something that most project managers do, but often approach in a haphazard fashion – allocate blame for project failures. Payson believes that by formalizing an approach to Blame Management, project managers can demonstrate the value of more rigorous process to other knowledge areas. Effective Blame Management can also be a career boon to less effective project managers. This talk outlines Payson’s proposal for Blame Management and reviews significant aspects of his proposed “Blame Management Plan”.

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