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Wanted (Preferably Alive & Engaged): Project Sponsor


No matter where your project execution falls on the continuum between Agile and Waterfall there is a member of the team essential to success and often overlooked, the project sponsor. The sponsor should be the liaison between your project and the executive team, making strategic decisions, helping to secure resources, and exerting political pressure to clear organizational barriers beyond the pay grade of the scrum master, product owner, or project manager. If the identity of the assigned sponsor isn’t clear or the designated executive doesn't understand or does not perform the role effectively, the risk of project failure increases significantly.

This presentation for project leaders and sponsoring executives provides practical insights to improving project success through securing effective sponsorship by:
* Defining the Sponsor’s role and why it is essential
* Discussing how to ask for and encourage good sponsorship
* Exploring how effective sponsorship encourages more realistic expectations and better business decisions

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Location & Date

Hilton Sacramento Arden West, 2200 Harvard Street, Sacramento, CA 95815

4/20/17 6:00 pm